A Charm-ing Kickstarter Announcement

7/17 UPDATE: The charm kickstarter will launch on July 18th, at 9 am PST (12 pm EST) !! 
It'll be at http://charms.cuddlypotatoes.com -- I hope you're as excited as I am!

Cuddly Potatoes Acrylic Charm Kickstarter


Things are happenin' !! I'm going to have a lil' week-long kickstarter for acrylic charms, starting on July 18th.

Wanna help decide which designs we'll use? Click the button below!


What are acrylic charms ??

Acrylic charms are basically designs printed on acrylic and then cut out all fancy-pants. I can then attach them to keychains, charm straps, or anything, really. In my "sample" batch, I attached them to keychains, like this:

The charms I'll be making will be double sided so you can see the adorableness from both sides! I can also make 'em with slightly different designs on both sides (e.g. a blue blanket on one side, and a green blanket on the other), so that might be a stretch goal ~

Hooray! So why the kickstarter?

Last week, I made a small batch of acrylic charms to see if I liked the quality & manufacturing company -- and I do! I also did my first artist alley this past weekend, and people at Modesto Con loved the lil' potatocorn keychains. :)

SO, now I want to make a kickstarter for a larger batch of acrylic charms, with more designs! (a fox keychain, perhaps? I know a lot of you are a fan of Flurfles!)

I have some old designs in mind (i.e. potato bun, flurfles the fox) that I want to poof into acrylic-ness, but I want to make some new designs too! Tell me what your favorite animals are and you can help decide the next friend(s) to join Cuddly Potatoes!


But what happened to the plushie kickstarter?

It will still happen! But not too soon, unfortunately. Getting a good plushie prototype is taking months and months longer than expected, and I think I'll consider myself lucky if I get a prototype I'm happy with by the end of the year.

I was originally going to make acrylic charms with the plushie, but if the plushie is taking this long, I don't wanna delay the charms too... plus, a smaller kickstarter with a smaller goal will help me gain good experience with the platform and the process before I do a larger plushie kickstarter!

Stay tuned, friends! <3

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  • Jennifer on

    Hello! I am interested in buying one of the unicorn charms?

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