Just a Small Human Bean

Do you ever feel like you're just a (very) small human bean, trying to do things that just might be too big for you? I always tend to encourage everyone and anyone; I always say, "just believe in yourself!" -- just as Sir Walter Flufflebottoms would say. :) But it gets a bit harder when it's for yourself, doesn't it? :P

Situational details aside... let's talk about feelings for just a second. I always believed that given an opportunity (that you want), you should just go for it, whether or not you feel like you're "ready". Because none of us are ever truly "ready", and the best way to learn is usually to throw yourself into it and go from there! That's the best way to combat fear and laziness, anyway, in my humble opinion. :P 

It gets difficult real fast though, sometimes, right? Sometimes I feel like I'm doing things that are too much for me, even when I know in my brain that's not true. With enough hard work & self-motivation & perseverance, we can do anything, theoretically. And yet there's hurdles and brick walls and ridiculous boulders and lightyears of space debris and so much more, plopped like a sack o' potatoes in the middle of all the paths to our goal. And half of it is placed there by our own insecurities!! Mindblowing, how difficult we make things for ourselves @_@ 

And to be totally honest, it's sad. I get sad. Really, really sad. And it's hard to keep going. As positive and upbeat as I try to be, I'm still just a small human bean, no more gifted or special than any other bean, and we are all allowed to feel sadness. 

But we can't stop trying! Can't. There's people depending on me and you; we got a purpose in this world. We gotta spread positive vibes and keep chugging, together.

Apologies for the rambling, but really what I'm trying to say is -- if you also feel like a very small human bean trying to do very big things.... I feel ya'. I really do. But let's keep swimmin' together, yeah? ^^


P.S. If you DO want actual context in terms of Cuddly Potatoes: I'm still attempting to get a plushie prototype made (forget the actual manufacturing part), after almost a year. Without delving too much into details, it's been a long & repetitive process where I dove into a tunnel, realized the tunnel was much much longer than I thought it was, kept chugging until I thought I saw the end of the tunnel, but then realized that wasn't actually the end of the tunnel, etc etc. Whenever I make a decision of some sort, I always feel like it's the wrong one, and boy oh boy are these decisions costly. I feel incredibly lucky to even be in this position where I'm considering getting a custom plushie made, and I'm SO grateful for everyone that has helped me get here (Stanley, friends, family, followers, and you!). Plushie manufacturing is definitely the craziest thing I have ever done, and the most out-of-my-hands process I have been through, so it's tough, feeling like I don't have very many choices here, compared to how hands-on the rest of Cuddly Potatoes is. Given how the past 8 months have gone, I honestly don't know when I'll have a plushie prototype I can proudly call Sir Walter Flufflebottoms.. but I'll make it eventually, as if my life depends on it. I can only hope it'll be available in the next couple years! Augh! ..ahaha. ;_;

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