New Stickers and Postcards!

Posted by Jessica Lin on

Hallo, frand!

It's been a while, but there's a bunch of new things in store today!

Behold, 5 new vinyl stickers and postcards!

Carrot Bun and Potato Bun Hungry Potatocorn and Flurfles the Fox

Sun Clear Sticker Cuddly Potatocorns Postcard

A Dash of Derp! Handwritten Postcards

Miss snail mail?

Shop for a handwritten postcard and Sir Walter Flufflebottoms will write you a postcard! 

I'm personally really excited about this one ;) Walter can't wait to connect with you guys!

Sticker Packs

Can't decide which stickers you want? Shop for the Fluffy Friendship Sticker Pack, the Good Vibes Sticker Pack, and more!

Sticker Packs 

Thanks for reading, frand :)

Keep an eye out for future posts; I've got some more fun news coming soon! 

All the best,

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