Custom Vinyl Sticker Commission

  • $45.00

Only 0 left!

Commissions are currently closed for the holiday season! Contact me at if you'd like to set up a commission in early 2020 ^^ 

Commission me to design a sticker for you! It can be anything you dream up -- your beloved pet, your favorite animal, your favorite food, you and your BFF, or anything else, in a cuddly, potato-y style! I'll email you throughout the process so you can approve the design each step of the way. 

This commission includes:

  • One or Two characters
    • One character would be similar to most of my sticker designs. Two characters would be a great option for you if you want a sticker of your two pets cuddling together, or you and your BFF, etc. 
    • There is a $35 design fee for each character.
  • 3, 10, or 20 vinyl stickers (up to 3" x 3") of the ONE design.
    • On top of the design fee, 3 stickers costs $10, 10 stickers costs $25, and 20 stickers costs $45. 
  • Free shipping in the U.S.!

If you'd like additional buttons, prints, or even acrylic charms, I can definitely do that for you! Email me at to discuss your options and for a custom commission price.

After your purchase, email with your idea for the commission!  Please use an email you check often. 

 . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

The designing process will take approximately 3 or 4 weeks, provided you respond quickly to emails. Taking into account production and shipping time, your stickers will be delivered to you around mid December. 

Any delays will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

. ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

The design should be for personal use only. (e.g. for your own enjoyment, as gifts to friends/family, etc.) The design is not to be used for logos, branding, business, profit, or anything other than personal use. 

All rights to the art will still belong to me, and I may choose to continue using the design in any way. I may post the design in social media, use the design for future products to sell, etc. By purchasing this commission, you agree to these conditions. :)

I reserve the right to cancel & refund the commission for any reason. 

. ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

I've done over 60 commissions with happy clients over the past couple years <3 If you decide to work with me, I'll make sure you're 100% happy too! :) 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A must-buy item

I've followed Cuddly Potatoes for years, and have bought many postcards and a set of gift tags from Jessica. I always wanted a custom commission, however, and I finally got to gift one to my partner. Whether you're looking for a holiday or a birthday gift, you have to consider getting custom work done. The process was so simple and smooth: Jessica had great ideas from my initial message and responded quickly with ideas to help me navigate the process. The shipping time was super fast, too, and I was so excited to wrap this up. My partner LOVED it, right down to the details of her cat which Jessica captured perfectly (she drew us amazingly, too!). I love having this piece of art up on the wall, and I encourage everyone else to go this route, too! You'll be so happy!

Lovely Drawing. Highly recommend!

Jessica created the loveliest drawing of my hubby and I for our anniversary. The drawing captured our characters so well. All of our friends are really impressed and say they could totally see us in the drawings.

The entire process was smooth and fun. I sent Jessica a few of our pictures and she helped in selecting the perfect one. Jessica worked quickly and is communicative throughout the process. I’m really happy with the drawing and hang it on my wall. Makes me smile every time I see it.

LOVE!! <3

Jessica created the most adorable artwork of my two cats, to be made into a large poster. Though I knew it was going to be amazing because come on, Cuddly Potato cats, I was not prepared to be this blown away. When I opened the initial sketches, I literally gasped out loud because Jessica had managed to capture the exact personalities of my two very different cats.

From start to finish, she had fantastic communication, and she told me what to expect. She was insistent on every detail being perfect, and to be perfectly honest, she got it almost perfect from the get-go so only the slightest tweaks were needed.

I definitely plan on getting more art commissioned, and maybe even my first tattoo??? Thank you Jessica!!

Amazing and cute!

Such a great job! Jessica made Harry Potter pins for my baby shower. They came out even better than I could ever imagine! She worked quickly on 100 pins for me. Her designs were great, one 🦁 for Gryffindor and one 🐍 for Slytherin. She kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and really aims to please. Definitely will use her services again in the future. She threw in a few stickers she made as well and those were too cute!