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Imperfect Self-Love Potatocorn Pins

Imperfect Self-Love Potatocorn Pins

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We may not be perfect, but that doesn't make us any less lovable!

Pin manufacturing is an intricate process that sometimes goes awry, resulting in pins with various imperfections and flaws. These pins are great for wearing on bags or backpacks, or even for display if you don't mind a few flaws in your collection. When I inspect the pins, I personally "grade" them based on how the flaws affect the overall look of the design. "A-Grade" pins are the ones sold as regular full-price pins. 

These imperfect pins have mild (B-Grade) to moderate (C-Grade) flaws that came directly from production. Every pin is different so it's impossible to describe the exact imperfection you may get, but here's a general overview:

Generally, most B-Grade flaws are only noticeable up close (<24 inches away) or when tilted in a certain light, such as a tiny dot in the design or slight gray streaking.

Most C-Grade flaws are noticeable from further away or somehow affect the overall look of the pin. For this batch of designs, many of the C-grade pins have moderate to severe gray streaks over the white of the potatocorn.

Other potential flaws may involve trapped dust in the enamel, overfilled enamel, over-polished metal, missing areas in the gold plating, moderate scuffing on the metal, dark smudges on the enamel, etc. All B/C-Grade pins are still functional as pins and have all the colors in the correct places. 

  • Gold Plated
  • Two Posts per pin (to prevent spinning!) with Rubber Clutches

Colors may vary due to each computer monitor. The photos with backing cards do not represent the imperfect pins. The last photo shows a few examples of the gray streaking, but flaws are varied and generally difficult to photograph, so these do not represent the exact imperfect pins you will receive. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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Customer Reviews

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Edena B.
I love them!

It’s been a while since I ordered here I’ll admit, but I finally got around to looking at the new additions and I knew I wanted to buy the pin set. The “I am a plant” is by far my favorite and I put that one on the mini backpack I use for work. But I keep the other near my desk so I can self positivity in a healthy and fun way.

I really appreciate how fun these pins are so I can regain confidence in myself; looking forward to other new things in your shop!