Potato Parade :: May 15 - 17

Happy Weekend, and Welcome to Potato Parade! At this humble little special event, you'll be able to find my first ever enamel pins, hang out with me on Discord (you'll be able to request a hand-drawn doodle after placing your store order!), and watch me sketch some of your art suggestions on IG Live

Visit our Potato-ey Discord here!

There will be exclusive shop deals all weekend, and you can find them all right here! 

In addition to the deals below, buy 5 stickers and get 1 free! Simply add 6 die cut stickers to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout! :)  Note: Discount does not apply for the larger transfer stickers.

Enjoy, and I sincerely hope to meet you on Discord or IG this weekend! :)  -Jessica

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