Friendly Potatocorn Transfer Sticker

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Ohai dere! I'm Sir Walter Flufflebottoms, here to make your day. <3
Put me on your laptop, your car, your notebook, or any other smooth surface you want!

1 large white or black vinyl transfer sticker.

(Pictured: White!)

This fantabulous transfer sticker is made of high koality vinyl. It's water-proof, weather-proof, sad-proof... and no guarantees, but it's probably potato-proof, too. Made of 100% rainbows and sunshine.

Dimensions: 4" x 3.5"

Curious how a transfer sticker works? Check out our little guide here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Makes my boring laptop exciting laptop? Please. This sticker makes my otherwise boring laptop light up. I used to look at it and groan, thinking about all the work I had to do. Now I look at it, smile inside and am 50% less sad about my homework. Yay!

Ohai right back to you, new adorable sticker friend!

First, I love ordering anything from Cuddly Potatoes because the packaging is always just as much fun to open as what's actually inside. The sticker itself is fantastic quality and perfect for my car! I thought it would be fun to have something that makes everyone sitting in traffic actually smile, and how could you not be happy with this lil' potatocorn greeting you!?!? Bonus - it reminds me to drive a little friendlier. Everyone wins!