Cuddly Potatocorns Clear Sticker

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 *snuggle* Hehe. Love for you. *snuggle*

This is a clear sticker, so the border is transparent. Whatever you stick it on will show through the edge. (The white border in the pictures is merely the peel-off backing.) Recommended to stick on solid backgrounds; bold patterns may show through the sticker.

This fantabulous sticker is made of high koality clear vinyl. It's water-proof, weather-proof, sad-proof... and no guarantees, but it's probably potato-proof, too. Made of 100% rainbows and sunshine.

Type: Clear Sticker
Dimensions: 4.24" x 2"

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Marie Thompson S.M.T. Sarah Marie T.
Perfect Potatoes!

I ordered several decals for my boyfriend and I (we have a special love for both potatoes AND unicorns) and all of the decals I ordered could not have been more perfect! Very high quality and great for our laptops/cars/bottles etc. I can't wait to order more!

Miki M. Miki
Much Love~

The stickers are very good quality and working nicely on my car. Will stick on through rain or shine. The packaging is amazing! I give everything a 100%.

Kenny K. Kenny

This is definitely made of high koality clear vinyl! One of my favorite stickers as it reminds me of me and my two other favorite potatocorns :>