Sleepy Potatocorn Plush Pillow

  • $30.00

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Snuggle up for a good nap with Lady Snugglepuff the Potatocorn and her rainbow plushie! A perfect cuddle for all potato and unicorn lovers.

Double Sided! A different face on each side: sleepy on one side, and awake on the other.

This plush pillow is made of soft minky fabric and hand-stuffed with premium super-soft polyester fill. There's a zipper along the bottom of each plush to allow for easy addition and removal of stuffing if needed.

Approx. Dimensions: 8" tall x 11" wide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice pillow, bad shipping

Cute potato, but from the time I ordered it to it’s arrival at my door in the US was about a month…..

Hi Jesse! During the time you bought the pillow (9/21), I was on a (rare) 2-week vacation, Sept 16 - Oct 4. There was a prominent red announcement banner at the top of every page that said 'Shop is on Vacation Mode! All orders will ship October 4th.' In every shipping option, I also listed that things would be shipped Oct 4. When I got home, I packaged this on Oct 4 and dropped it off at the postal office the next chance I had, which was Oct 6.

Thanks for your patience and apologies that you stumbled upon my store during my vacation! Rest assured, on any normal basis, when there isn't a big red banner announcing a shop vacation, I will process orders within 1-3 days.

Thank you again for your order and I really do hope you enjoy the pillow!

Rosa Simone
so effing adorable!!!

love it!!!

Marissa Maenpaa

This pillow is everything I needed in my life! I stan Sir Walter Flufflebottom and all things Potatocorn. This pillow turned out to be exactly how I expected...absolutely perfect! Top notch quality all around!!