Dear New Frand,

Hallo! I'm Jessica, the derpy artist & human bean behind all of these potatoes. I thrive on happy colors, fully loaded baked potatoes, and friendship. 

Image Credit: Ryan Hill

I've always wanted to share my derpy little doodles with the world, and finally decided to launch Cuddly Potatoes as a fun little art page in July 2016. 

I also happen to have a huge obsession with stickers, so now this humble lil' sticker shop exists, too. ~(^u^)~

As time goes on, I'd love to grow this lil' shop as much as I can, to include more stickers, postcards, and someday (hopefully soon!), plushies! Keep checking back or subscribe to my PotatoMail newsletter to keep up to date!

I work hard with my partner Stanley to keep Cuddly Potatoes growing! We're working together to make sure you get the best Cuddly Potatoes experience possible. ^^

Wondering where all the adorably derpy, yet fantastic photography came from? All photography is done by my amazeballs friend, Ryan Hill. If you're interested in contacting him for photo work, contact