How to Use Transfer Stickers

Using transfer stickers is easy! Make sure your surface is extra clean by wiping with an alcohol wipe, and follow these 3 steps to get the best results.

A transfer sticker has 3 layers: The top clear layer that holds onto the sticker for easy application, the vinyl sticker itself, and a blue backing.  Before you start, rub the sticker a bit with your fingers or a card to ensure that the vinyl sticker sticks to the top clear layer. 


1) Peel off the blue backing and carefully apply the sticker on your surface. The transfer sticker should stick to the clear layer. When applying the sticker, I like to press down starting from one side and smooth it over, so that there are no wrinkles. 



2) Rub the sticker on firmly with a card. At the end, it should look nice and even! 



3) Peel off the top layer very slowly, pulling back nearly parallel to your surface. The white sticker should stick to the surface!

 ... aaaannd voila! You're done! <3

 P.S. If you're having trouble getting the sticker to stick to the surface, try warming it up a little with your hands. :) Sometimes when it's cold, the sticker just needs some warmin' up to stick properly!  You can also try leaving the clear top layer on for 24 hours to ensure that it really sticks!

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