Looking for a custom drawing of yourself or your pet in a cuddly, potato-y style? Let's do it! All the info you need is right here on this page! See past commission examples here.

This page is for digital character commissions. Look here for storybox commission info!


My name is Jessica, and I'm the artist of Cuddly Potatoes! If you like my art style and you're looking to get some custom artwork done, I gotchu. :)

I take a lot of pride and care in my commissions. During the process, I'll get to know you (or your pet) as best as I can via your descriptions and photos, so that I can really reflect not only your likeness, but also whatever feelings and personality traits I can gather to make it really feel like you (or your pet)! As with all my artwork, I strive to make all my commissions cute and meaningful, so the result is something special that you can cherish for years to come.

That means that this is a collaborative process! I'll email you throughout the process so you can approve the design each step of the way. 

I've completed over 150 commissions with happy clients since 2017. If you decide to work with me, I'll do my very best to make sure you're 100% happy too! <3

If you have any questions or concerns that aren't answered on this page, please don't hesitate to email me at before booking a commission slot on ko-fi. 

Booking & Payment

Be sure to read all the info below so you know what to expect. When you're ready to start, visit my ko-fi commission page to book a slot!

If commissions are currently sold out, add your email to this form and I'll email you when I open up new slots!

Payment must be made 100% up-front, before I start the sketching process. 

For most cases, you may purchase a new commission directly on the ko-fi commission page above! If you have a custom request that doesn't fit into the standard commission structure, you can email me at to discuss. From there, I can take payment via venmo (@cuddlypotatoes) or via a donation at my ko-fi page:

Commission payments are non-refundable. 



The base commission fee starts at $100 for one character design. This base commission fee includes:

  • One character design
    • 1 single person OR animal in a single pose. Any additional people, animals, or poses will count as additional characters.
    • Small props / items may be included for no additional cost
  • A plain, solid-colored background and/or a quote of your choice
  • Full involvement in my 3-step drawing process
  • Hi-res digital file for any personal use, usually around 3 to 5 inches at 300 dpi. 

. ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

Looking for more? You may add the following to your commission:

  • $50 per additional character
  • $50 for a background
  • $25 per potatocorn or "tiny pet"

A "tiny pet" is a very cartoon-ish, less-detailed design than full "character" pets. This usually works well for small rabbits, hedgehogs, tiny cats, etc. For full characters, I would take into consideration things like their personality, detailed coat colorings, offer different pose sketches, etc. Tiny pets will generally just be a funny lil' single pose I offer and color simply. :) Please see extra commission examples for the differences.

If your request doesn't fit within these parameters, email me at to discuss a custom commission price.


Print & Sticker Add-ons

Want print or sticker add-ons? Sure thing!

  • $15 for two 5x7 prints on smooth matte photo paper
  • $25 for two 8x10 prints on smooth matte photo paper
  • $25 for a set of 10 vinyl stickers (up to 3" x 3") of ONE design.
    • Note that if you'd like two different sticker designs, this would require two different sets of stickers. 

If you have any other product ideas, email me at to discuss your options.



Pet commissions (2020)
Top left, Top right, Bottom left: 1 character
Bottom right: 3 characters

Self-love commission, 5x7 print (2023)
1 character + 1 potatocorn

Self-love commission, set of stickers (2022)
1 character + 1 potatocorn


See many more commission examples here!



The design process usually takes approx. 4-6 weeks, provided you respond quickly to emails. However, this timeline is not guaranteed. Please kindly understand that I am working on several commissions at a time, as well as my regular projects and designs for Cuddly Potatoes. I balance it all as well as I can, but sometimes things don't go as planned! Rest assured, any delays on my end will be communicated to you in a timely manner.

Given all the projects I am concurrently working on, I cannot accommodate any specific deadlines. If you are hoping to have a commission done by a certain date, I recommend starting at least 2-3 months ahead of time. This gives you the biggest chance that it'll be done in time, but again, I cannot guarantee it. 

Prints are made in-house within 1-2 days after the design process is finished, but stickers will add about 2 weeks as they need to be manufactured and sent back to me. 

One last note: you're an important part of this! Once we get started, please try to respond to my emails within 1-3 days so we can keep things moving. :) The "4-6 week" estimation relies on the assumption of your timely responses. If the delays are on your end, then please understand that the process will take even longer


My Drawing Process

In general, my commissions work in three stages, spanning over ~4 to 6 weeks. When I finish a certain step, I'll send a photo to you. You can tell me you approve of it and we move forward, or you can ask for tweaks, and I'll revise it as needed! Generally, once a "step" is approved, it shouldn't change anymore moving forward or it would create unnecessary work. 

  1. Sketch(es) - these are rough, but we want to be able to have a sketch that depicts an idea that you're happy with before we move onto the drawing stage.
  2. Line drawing - we can adjust the line drawing until you approve of it, modifying lines and details but not the whole idea since that should be finalized at the sketch stage.
  3. Coloring - we can adjust the coloring until you approve, but hopefully not any of the lines since that should be finalized at the line stage.

When you want to make changes, it helps most if you provide detailed descriptions of all the changes you'd like to make at a time (e.g. Make the left paw cover the face, make the tail fluffy, and add ear fluff, in one email, instead of making the requests separately.) To keep things moving, I'd like to keep the number of revisions under three per step. Rest assured though that with detailed descriptions, usually we only need zero to two revisions at each stage. :)


Personal Use Terms

Commissioned designs should be for personal use only. (e.g. for your own enjoyment, as gifts to friends/family, etc.) The design is not to be used for logos, branding, business, profit, or anything other than personal use. 

The artist retains all creative rights; I may produce, post, re-use, or re-color any part of the image for my own business needs. I may post the design on social media, post examples on my websites, use the design for future products to sell, etc. 

If you are looking for a commercial-use commission, please contact me directly at for pricing. 

I will only draw what I am comfortable with. I reserve the right to cancel & refund the commission for any reason. 

By purchasing this commission, you agree to these conditions. :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Wonderful drawing, so so happy

As a reviewer wrote below, working with Jessica was so easy and fun. She created a few drafts and they were all so cute, I could barely choose. I am going to get another commission just so I can have one of the other sketches she made. She had some good brainstorming ideas and created something so uniquely me. It even looks like me and took some ideas I had about my beloved Potatocorn. As I told her, this is one of my most prized possessions. I can't recommend enough.
It also goes along with my potatocorn pins ;)

it turned out perfect

I wasn't too sure about what I wanted as my drawing but Jessica was great at drawing out my ideas. When the final piece was sent to me it was perfect. It really captured me and my energy. I would do this again and recommend anyone thinking about it to do it.

so thoughtful!!! 10/10 would recommend

Working with Jessica for my Kickstarter commission was so smooth, easy, and fun! I'm the type of person who is incredibly indecisive and shrugs for days when someone asks me for more details on what I want, but Jessica included some questions to help guide some initial ideas and was able to give me four amazing sketches just based on my very chaotic, not at all streamlined thoughts -- it took me SO LONG to decide which one to move forward with because I loved all of them so much!!! Not only that, but once I picked a sketch idea, she and my partner surprised me by adding in a little narwhal into the line drawing because I have a narwhal plushie at home that is my comfort plushie <3 She also worked patiently with me after I considered (and then unconsidered) adding a background to the commission. It was such a joy to work with Jessica, would absolutely recommend it if you want some high quality adorable content!

Wonderful All Around

I've commissioned two pieces from Jessica and both times it was fantastic! She was amazing about communicating with me--both in the parameters of the commission and to work together to get exactly the piece I was looking for. I adore both pieces that I ended up with and they will be treasured works of art.


The process of doing a custom with Jessica was incredibly smooth! She worked with me to tease out what I thought I wanted, then delivered over and above at every step of the process. In the end I had a stunning custom image of me and my own inner potatocorn that exudes All the JOY I was hoping for! The quality of the prints and stickers were phenomenal! 10/10