Storybox Examples

This page features all 10 of my original storybox designs, and the general thoughts behind them!

If you're doing a storybox commission, use these examples to inspire your own story/idea entirely, or use one of these designs to start off with (e.g. we can use the white silhouette of the first layer and change all inner layers). 

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1) Theme Park
A heart-shaped silhouette looking into our favorite theme park, where we made a ton of memories in our first year together.


2) Video Games
A controller silhouette featuring 11 of our favorite video games over the years, including both co-op and single player games.


3) Food & Travel
A bowl silhouette featuring our favorite foods and travel locations.


4) Mt. Fuji
A Japan-inspired silhouette featuring a memory where we watched the fireworks over the lake in front of Mt. Fuji.


5) The Forest Train
A mountain silhouette, featuring a forest and train where we got married! 


6) The Proposal
A forest-y silhouette, featuring some elements of the proposal: rings, photos, string lights, and the whole proposal scene, including our friends watching from behind a tree. NOTE: This image shows a 12x12 frame instead of an 8x8 frame. Only 8x8 Frames are currently available, so an 8x8 copy of the design may look a tad different scaled down.


7) The Wedding Ceremony
A forest-y silhouette, featuring light shining through the trees in the forest where we got married! NOTE: This image shows a 12x12 frame instead of an 8x8 frame. Only 8x8 Frames are currently available, so an 8x8 copy of the design may look a tad different scaled down.


8) How We Met
A bear silhouette, featuring our college campus and a few little icons referencing a few of our first dates as well as our major. 


9) Board Games
A hexagon silhouette, featuring references to 7 of our favorite board games.


10) Home
A house silhouette, featuring our board game shelf, cat tree, a garland we hung up for a really long time, and our little family of stuffed animals + an actual cat. 


I plan on making a few instagram posts about more specific details in each box, so be sure to follow me!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great product, wonderful process!

I contacted Jessica for a custom storybox for my wife and through the whole process, Jessica was great with keeping me updated. She did a great job with simplifying the process and making it feel really personable. It can definitely feel daunting picking what should go in which layer but she really did a good job making it easy. Overall it was a great experience and my wife really loves the storybox!

Custom Storybox Commission - Fantastic experience working with Jessica

My wife and I purchased one of Jessica's commission slots for a custom storybox and were so satisfied with every step of the commission. From the first email Jessica sent us, she laid out a clear and simple process so we always knew where in the process we were at. She asked a ton of questions so she could more easily understand who we were and where we wanted to go with the commission, and did a great job at filtering out and distilling our mess of ideas/concepts into a singular storybox concept that touched on everything we wanted.

During each step, Jessica was always on-top of communication with us, quickly responding to emails and keeping us updated on her progress through revisions. When I had specific questions about details here and there, she always understood what I was going for, and was able to quickly figure out how to edit and tweak the drafts until it was perfect.

The final product pops in real life; there's a real depth to the box that you can't quite see if you're just looking at pictures. Working with Jessica is highly recommended.

Wonderful Experience and Fantastic Story Box Results!

Jessica's attention to detail and creative ideas will surely result in a wonderful story box that you're happy with. She is so easy to work with and does a great job updating me on her progress and what to expect. Communication is clear and her work is meticulous. Thank you for capturing the essence of my story and for listening to all my ideas and requests! Everyone I show the story box to is so impressed and delighted to see it. It came carefully packaged with a sweet note. I would absolutely love to work with her again in the future for other commission work!

The bestest, most perfect storybox EVER!!

Jessica is AMAZING to work with and will take your stream of conscious rambling and create a masterpiece! She is so attentive to detail and great with communication! When we received our custom storybox, we almost burst into tears - we were so happy! Jessica really takes the time to get to know who she is working with in order to provide something that reflects your story. We are SO excited to show our storybox to our family and friends (it's displayed on our "mantle" aka our boardgames cubbies/shelves) so everyone can hopefully have one to tell their story too. <3 <3 <3

Wonderful experience with even more wonderful outcomes!

Like so many others have said before, working with Jessica is one of the big highlights on getting commissioned work done. Her entire process was well-structured and so easy to go along with, not to mention fun! I loved being able to trade creative ideas and thoughts, and Jessica is so incredibly receptive and patient to work with. She has an amazing ability to take a whole bunch of ideas and turn them into a cohesive whole, which was what she did for my custom storybox. She also holds herself to very high standards so you know what you're getting will be top quality. The final outcome was so incredible that I gasped out loud when I saw it-- everything was perfect and it will be a treasured piece of art in our home forever. <3 Thanks a million to Jessica and I highly encourage people wanting something unique and personal to work with her! She will 100% make your vision a reality. :)