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Imperfect Self-Love Sticker Sheets

Imperfect Self-Love Sticker Sheets

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Due to a combination of manufacturing and coloring errors, my first run of these sticker sheets came out much darker & bolder than I expected. Because it's extremely important to me to deliver on the nice & relaxing pastel vision I initially had, I decided to completely re-color and re-produce everything. 

This listing is for the darker, bolder, miscolored sheets. You can see the comparisons to the correctly colored sheets in the second photo. The colors overall are too saturated (in my opinion), but if you don't mind it, please enjoy grabbing these at a discount!
  • 4" x 6" Vinyl Sticker Sheets
  • Smooth, matte sticker paper
  • Kiss-cut designs

Adorable little stickers to express yourself on your self love journey! Perfect to decorate your planner, journal, or other accessories. 


Colors may vary due to each computer monitor. Made with certified organic hugs! These sticker sheets are made of a slightly different material than the other vinyl stickers on my shop. It is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Thanks to all my incredible backers on Kickstarter for making this collection a reality! Click here to browse the whole collection

Sticker sheets depict plenty of cute potatocorn (potato-shaped unicorn) designs! Part of my self-love / self-compassion / mental health artwork. 

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Adorable, High Quality, FABULOUS

I love all of Jessica's stickers, and these are a steal of a deal in any colors! Huzzah for self-love, self-compassion, artwork, and potato!!