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Potatocorn Plush

Potatocorn Plush

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Introducing... the (adorably mini) Potatocorn Plush, a squishy symbol of self-love! My hope is for it to accompany you through all your days and remind you to be kind to yourself, especially on the days when it feels impossible to, or when you can’t find the words.

  • Approximately 2.5” tall, 3” wide, and 4” long without the horn & tail
  • Fits perfectly in your hands!
  • Ultra soft & stretchy minky fabric, resulting in an extra squishy plush
  • Embroidered face details
  • Super soft polyester stuffing
  • Small pouch of poly pellets inside the bottom, so it plops just right

The "Keychain" version has a loop and a removable gold keychain attachment on top. Need extra accessories? Check out the mini self-love charms that were made to accompany this lil' plush keychain!

Please note: The loops on the keychain plushies are NOT heavy-duty! Each plush loop is hand-checked for secureness before being sold, but still, please be gentle with them.

The "No Keychain/Loop" version does NOT have a loop to attach anything to at all. 

- - - - - 

I’ve personally been on a long and windy journey to figure out how to love myself, and my potatocorn has been here through it all, from digital comics to enamel pins, and now, finally, as a cuddly plush! Essentially, I’ve been using this little plush to represent my “healthy self” & “inner child”.

Being unconditionally kind to myself has been an unbelievably difficult skill to learn, but taking care of my little potatocorn-me makes it a little more fun and less only-in-my-head, if that makes sense. If you can find the special potatocorn in yourself, then, perhaps, try to practice self-compassion with a squishy potatocorn-you! This little ball of cuteness just wants to support you on your journey to self-love. 💕

Colors may vary due to each computer monitor. Potatocorn Plush depicts a cute potatocorn (potato-shaped unicorn) with a tiny little smile. Part of my self-love / self-compassion / mental health artwork.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rebecca Y.
So squish, so squee!

Great quality & adorable!

Robert M.

Great little squishy, bouncy fluffer puff of a guy.

Laura M.F.

Cute and happy

Jen (.D.
Lovely round friend

Cute perfection. Very squishy and fun to hold.

Othella M.
It's so SQUISHY!

So soft and squishy!